Thursday, September 14, 2006

My First E-mailed Mural Pic!!!

Can a mural bring a community together?

Linda Drew e-mailed these pictures to Randy's Tucson Murals Project. She writes, "[here] are a couple of pictures of the mural created by Hedrick Acres neighbors (HANA) under the direction of Tucson Arts Brigade muralist Michael Schwartz in 2005. The mural depicts the Tucson Mountains. The project was funded by a grant from PRO Neighborhoods."
"It is located in a drainage of the Navajo Wash, southwest corner of E. Fort Lowell Road and N. Mountain Avenue. [Here's a map] We met with Ward, City and UA officials to gain permission to use the lot at the corner of Hedrick and Mountain. We defined two components, a public bulletin board and art; to share information and make neighbors feel welcome in the space. Neighbors came together to paint the wall in temperatures over 100 degrees F. I was very encouraged by the number of people who just showed up to help on the project. —Linda Drew

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Beer & A Deer

There's something subliminal about the mural on the side of the The Bambi Bar at 5050 E. Speedway.
Imagine driving along Speedway in late June. It's 107 degrees outside. Your air conditioner's broken. You spot a waterfall. "Is it a mirage?" you wonder. You don't know. You don't care. Your tongue is sandpaper. Your throat is as dry as my humor. Wait. That waterfall is on the side of a bar.
The Bambi Bar. What a cute beer, uh, deer. Horns, not antlers, blare behind you! "It's green you idiot!" You shove your foot onto the accelerator and all you can think is, "Man, I need a deer."