Friday, August 31, 2018

Southwest Scenes

This is a new mural on Euclid Avenue by Joe Pagac. The main subjects are a Gila Monster and a Lizard. However, Joe has added some interesting details. For instance, there is an ant holding a cone with three scoops of ice cream. And, the lizard is reading about the benefits of push-ups. Maybe you can find other examples.

Complete Mural
South-facing Wall
West-facing Wall

Photographed on June 15, 2018. Click on any photo for a slide show of enlarged and sharpened images.

Update (January 10, 2019): Here are two closeups that Jerry Peek took on May 10, 2018:

Friday, August 24, 2018

Home of the Gators

Mural by Joe Pagac
Located at the NE intersection of I-19 and W. Valencia Rd.
Photographed on June 14, 2018.  Click on the photo for a larger and sharper image.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Near Mercado San Agustín

I hope you've already seen Cyfi's huge Frida Kahlo / Diego Rivera mural near Mercado San Agustín. If you haven't, you can click on that link to see it being painted and read some of the story behind it — which reaches a famous mural in Mexico City.

Close by, on Avenida del Sembrador, are two more murals. Or maybe there are more by the time you read this? (To find the street, you can click on its name at the end of this article.) I took the photos below on April 26th. The first, on the side of number 160, is by Nicola Marshall. It's signed Nicola Marshall - 2018 along the right edge:

The second mural is another by Cyfi (Rock Martinez) near the roof of number 184. It's signed at the top Cyfione 18:

Friday, August 10, 2018

Dog(s) gone

(I'm doggone sorry for that title. :)

Joe Pagac painted that mural on Stray Dogs Grill. Here’s the bad news: Stray Dogs closed on January 26, 2018. Now the building has a marijuana dispensary — with a blank wall instead of the mural.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Finding Murals

How does the Tucson Murals Project find the murals in our Blog? This is the question posed by a U of A journalism student recently. To give you an idea, I’ve made a list of ten of my (Dave Aber) murals that were recently published in the blog. Often we find them by chance – especially if the mural is on a side street. Both Jerry Peek and myself like to simply wander around the city. Murals are easier to find if they are on a main north/south avenue or a main east/west street or boulevard. Also, some of the artists will contact Jerry Peek.  We also review the artists' web sites. The Arizona Daily Star will sometimes carry the story if a major mural is in progress. Schools are a great source of murals. I am amazed at the quality of art produced by our students. There are several artists that volunteer at the schools to mentor the students. We were also invited into nine schools of the Tucson Unified School District to photograph interior mosaics and murals made by students. And let's not forget the other photographers in Tucson who will often send us photos of their discoveries.

Name and Location
How Found
San Juan
I knew about this mural but I don't
1130 E Bilby Rd.
remember the source of my info.
Barrio Ochoa
I had been taking photos near
244 W 28th St.
S. 6th Ave. and E. 27th St. As I
often do, I took the opportunity to
drive around the neighborhood.
I found two murals on W. 28th St.
Garden on Laguna II
Midtown is a great place to find
202 W Laguna St.
art objects. Metal art, murals, etc.
I was just driving around taking in
the sights.
Tool Spot
I live near this location and had
8609 E Golf Links Rd.
often seen this mural. I had to
wait for a day when cars weren't
blocking the view.
U at Park
Found both murals by chance on
1725 N Park Ave.
different days. Hard to miss as
both are on major avenues.
Smoke Shop
I had seen this new mural on
5846 E Speedway Blvd.
previous occasions while driving
on E. Speedway.
SW Family Resource Ctr.
This is a mural that I knew about
6855 S Mark Rd.
in advance. I'm not positive but I
think I saw a photo of it on Flickr.
Wildcat Country
On Feb 13, I was on N Campbell
2642 N Campbell Ave.
Ave. headed to a neighborhood
that had a high probability of
mailbox art. I spotted this mural
as I was flying by. I immediately
turned around and took photos.
I returned two weeks later on
Feb. 27 and took photos with a
wider angle lens.
Edge High School No. 11
Glimpsed possible artwork along
2555 E 1st St.
a north/south alley while driving
on E. Speedway. Turned around
and checked it out. Fortunate to
have my camera with me.
Los Vaqueros
Seen and photographed while
2201 E River Rd.
having dinner at El Corral.