Monday, May 27, 2024

Better Together

On the north wall of Gym Two Forty Four, next to the Memorial mural for Samantha Silverman, is a newer mural by Hannah Eddy. She posted it to her Instagram @hannaheddyart on January 23, 2024. I was there on January 29th.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Mushroom mural

A building along Speedway just west of Columbus has several businesses. On the west wall — which is also the side of Gentlemen's Lounge — is a mural that had been started when I got there on January 23, 2024. There were lots of mushrooms in what I think is a forest. There was also a memorial mural in the alley behind. I came back on May 7; nothing seemed to have changed. Here's an overall view on January 23:
At the right of the big mural, you can see part of the memorial mural. I'll show it at the end of this post. First, closeups of the big mural from left to right:

This memorial mural for Cuco Garcia is in the alley behind the big mural, on the southwest corner of the Gold & Silver Exchange, 4250 E. Speedway:

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Murals from a mile away

Our previous post, Time Machine 1865-2014, was at a building labeled Safford Engineering / Technology Middle School, Building 1. Just west of there is a huge lawn in front of an older building called Safford K-8 Community School. The building has two murals. The big lawn between there and 13th Street wasn't a problem because I had my point-and-shoot camera with a 40x optical zoom lens. These photos are from 13th Street:

I was there on January 29, 2024.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Time Machine 1865-2014

Here's a mural on the wall at the west end, north side, of Safford Engineering / Technology Middle School, Building 1. It looks like the time machine may have taken what I think is the school mascot, a husky?, from 2014 back to 1865:
I time-jumped from today back to January 29, 2024😎to take this photo.

Next time we'll see a mural on the building next door.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Congress mural parade 3 of 3: 1002 W. Congress

Our last two posts (Congress mural parade 1 of 3: 910 W. Congress and Congress mural parade 2 of 3: 914 W. Congress) show murals on the southeast corner of Congress and Grande. The mural near the northeast corner is in our August 14, 2020 post "The Triumph of the Human Spirit". Today, the northwest corner: mural-covered Ashtanga Yoga, Latin restaurant La Chaiteria and plant-based kitchen tumerico.

We've already shown this half of the building in three posts: Not much has changed. Here's the south side, along Congress, on May 5, 2024:
The east side, along Grande, has changed since our previous post. Now, a sign for La Chaiteria and tumerico stretch along the top of the wall above the murals:
(I was there early in the morning on May 5. I couldn't avoid the sun glare.)

Back on January 13, 2024, I stopped in at La Chaiteria and tumerico. Though we usually don't show murals indoors in restaurants and other places that aren't free to the public, I'll ignore our guideline for these:

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Congress mural parade 2 of 3: 914 W. Congress

At the southeast corner of Grande and Congress, a couple of blocks west of Mercado San Agustin, is Menlo Home & Garden. (It's not Menlo Home Goods, which we saw last time in Part 1 of 3.) The west wall is covered with a mural of the Virgen de Guadalupe. Let's start with the mural in 2007 — from our December 31, 2007 post Virgin Videos?
Now to May 5, 2024:

This place is very much alive. Here's the same spot at sunset on January 13, 2024:
As you'll see below, in the series of photos from Google Maps Street View, the area shown above used to be closed. Also, the mural was tagged (!?!) in May 2018 or before and had been restored by April 2019:

January 2008

June 2011

May 2018: mural tagged

April 2019: mural restored

Next time, we'll cross the intersection to La Chaiteria, tumerico and Ashtanga Yoga.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Congress mural parade 1 of 3: 910 W. Congress

The intersection of Congress and Grande — a couple of blocks west of Mercado San Agustin — has murals on three of its corners. We'll see two of the corners in posts this week; the third/northeast corner has The Triumph of the Human Spirit at 941 W. Congress.

Both of the buildings at the southeast corner have a history of murals. This time, let's look at the former hardware store at 910 W. Congress. Now it's Menlo Home Goods. Our post dated September 13, 2022 — Parade of murals on 910 West Congress — shows a series of photos from October 2013 to April 2022. Today, we'll take a closer look at the mural painted sometime between February 2021 and April 2022:

The third photo (with OILCLOTH KITCHEN in the middle) is from May 5, 2024. I took the rest on January 13, 2024.

In the next post, we'll head next door to 914 W. Congress.

Friday, May 10, 2024

The Circus Academy

The Circus Academy (officially The Circus and Aerial Academy of Tucson, INC) has that mural over its storefront on the northwest corner of Speedway and Main.

There's more about this interesting place on their website,

Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Southern Arizona Transportation Museum

 The two murals below are on the front of the museum facing Toole Ave.

                                  Tulley, Ochoa & Co.

By Bill Singleton.

Tully, Ochoa & Company was a freight line in early Tucson.  Railroads put them out of business.

                           Welcoming the new railroad to Tucson.

By Bill Singleton

Click on either photo for larger images (recommended).

Update by Jerry Peek (May 13, 2024): Bill Singleton's Facebook page has lots of photos of the murals in progress. Here's his three-minute video of the first panel from start to finish:

He's currently working on a third panel.

Monday, May 06, 2024

Mural at midtown butterfly garden

In 2022, the Blenman-Elm Neighborhood Association opened the Jackie Kinman Butterfly Garden. The north side is a mural showing pollinators like birds, bats and butterflies:
(Fourteen years ago, there was a different mural here. Our January 10, 2010 post Mural in the mesquite shows it.)

The garden has paths, shade, and a bench to relax on. You can see more in today's post Jackie Kinman Butterfly Garden on the Tucson's Pocket Parks blog. (That second link leads to the blog's front page.)

Next, close-ups:

The artist's Instagram @maxie.adler has more of her work.

The park is at the northeast corner of Waverly Street and Treat Avenue. (If you want a street address, the park is near 2803 E. Waverly St. and 2807 E. Waverly St. GPS coordinates are 32°14'45.9"N, 110°55'51.3"W.)

Friday, May 03, 2024

Youth On Their Own administration building

Youth On Their Own is a Tucson nonprofit that helps homeless youth graduate from high school. They moved into a new headquarters building in 2023. There's more about the building and YOTO on this website page: That page lists their address as 2525 N. Country Club, but the mural in this post is just south of 2509 N. Country Club.

Our June 23, 2020 post Youth On Their Own shows murals on what I think is their first location, near the southeast corner of Pima and Alvernon.

Along the south wall of 2509 is a long mural painted by Hannah Long; her Instagram is @whereoceansmeethb. The building used to be for Southwest University of Visual Arts, which (the YOTO page says) closed in 2019. Google Maps Street View shows a different mural there in February 2022. I also found the mural in a photo during April 2023. So this mural was painted sometime since April 2023, and before I took photos of this mural on January 13, 2024.

The photos below show the whole mural from the east side, nearest Country Club Road. Next are closeups of the mural from east to west:

The back wall (the western edge) has paint around the plain grey blocks: