Friday, May 07, 2021

Murals being made, part 62: More animals on bicycles

Joe Pagac is at it again!

He posted that photo to Instagram on March 10th as he and co-muralists were starting to paint animals on bicycles over a rainbow-covered background along Court Avenue, just north of Alameda. I stopped by on March 14th to see what was new:
He's painted other murals with animals on bikes. The best-known is his Epic Rides mural (from the blog entry Murals being made, part 46c: Tucson's biggest):

Let's look at the whole mural in progress on March 14th from left (north end) to right (south end). As always, you can click on a photo for a slideshow of larger views:
A week later, on March 21, I read that the mural was finished. Here are views from the north end looking south, then the south end looking north:
Finally, the finished mural from left (north) to right (south):

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

The "living" mural

Jason Lee Nolan, the owner of Black Crow Studio, has set up a unique mural on the building across the parking lot from his business — on the TUSD building, 442 East 7th Street. (His business is across the parking lot at 426 East 7th Street.) Artists can sign up to paint an empty rectangle painted on the wall. If one of those squares is trashed by a tagger, or could just be refreshed, that part of the wall can be repainted. Here are views from the outside (north) end, through to the inside (south) end:
To keep up to date, follow @TheLivingMural on Instagram ( I'll aim to come back from time to time to get new photos.

Monday, May 03, 2021

New "living mural" near 4th Avenue

This looks like a very fun mural to see more than once. From the Arizona Daily Star's #ThisIsTucson: Living mural. I'm aiming to have photos on this blog in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, May 01, 2021

New way to follow by email coming soon

At the right edge of pages on this blog is a box titled "Follow by Email". Google/Blogger has announced that the feature will be discontinued in July. I'm working on a new system for following by email. Please watch this blog on the Web ( — or in your email, if you're subscribed — for instructions.

(By the way, if you use Twitter, you can get announcements of each new blog entry by following @TucsonArt. You'll also see tweets about Tucson art events, artists, and more.)