Monday, July 26, 2010

Pretty on a porch

Just off Fourth Avenue (a great place for mural lovers to wander, by the way) is this home at 334 E. 5th Street:

Besides making your porch a more pleasant place to sit, isn't a mural a great gift to give to passersby? You'll find more of the murals that grace Tucson homes as you browse through this blog.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last (and least?) on Pima

The last of five murals in the blocks of Pima west of Craycroft is on the side of a tiny building at 5214 E. Pima, Southwest Desert Dogs:

The shadows are from early-morning light.

Maybe a mural, part 8

Another piece of wall art that might not be a "mural" are the painted doors that line this building along the south side of the street at 5316 E. Pima, Kids First Preschool & Child Care:

Does a floor-to-ceiling piece of glass count as a "wall"? (And hey, what's with the yellow door saying "rain rain go away?" :) Please remember that you can click any image for a larger view and use your browser's "back" button to come back.

Maybe a mural, part 7

In April and May, I posted a series of photos of wall art that might or might not be a mural, depending on your definition of "mural." (The last post was number six.)

Here's the wall in front of Little Angels Day Care, at 4826 E. Pima:

It's basically some angel figures on top of a desert-looking background. Mural or not? What do you think?

Sunflower families

A block west of the mural at Charlie's are these two families of smiling sunflowers. They're along the parking lot at The Parent Connection, 5326 E. Pima.

Plenty on Pima

Pima Street, in the blocks west of Craycroft, is a good place to spot murals. Here's the first of them: at Charlie's Drive-in Liquors, 5451 E. Pima:

The deep colors and the shadows are from early-morning light.

Monday, July 12, 2010

J.P. again

Joe Pagac, that is. Actually, I'm in Tucson for a couple of weeks, too. So I'll post photos I took this morning instead of (as I've been doing) photos I took earlier this year.

As you may have seen in earlier posts, this muralist paints new work on the side of the Rialto Theatre. (You can find them by typing Joe Pagac into the search box in the right column.) He also paints murals on the east wall of the Bookmans location on Grant near Campbell.

Now Joe is signing his murals “Joe Pagac .com” and there are photos of his murals on his website. Since I can hardly keep up with all of his new work, from now on you might just want to check his website for the latest. Here's one more batch of photos, though… first, close-ups at the Rialto (the shadows are from early-morning light):

and at Bookmans (remember, you can click on any image for a larger view; use your browser's "back" button to come back):

Monday, July 05, 2010

Flying pizza

This scene is on the side of the Magpies Pizza building, along 5th Street at 4th Avenue. (There's more farther along the wall, at the west end... but I'll let you find that on your own. Fourth Avenue is a great place to see murals.)