Friday, September 18, 2020

Roy Metcalfe repaints

February 7, 2014, we published a photo of a faded mural on Roy Metcalfe Automotive. Sometime since then, it was repainted. I spotted it on May 10th while I was photographing the murals on the Chicago Bar next door (which, confusingly, had the same street address):

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

"Rhythms of Nature"

The City of Tucson requires that 1% of the budget of a Capital Improvement Project be set aside for public art.  Thus, the East Broadway Road Improvement Project between Camino Seco and Houghton Rd. has included six public art installations.  They were created by Niki Glen Studios.  Niki calls them "Concrete Sculptures".  I call them murals.  Whether you agree, or not, I think you will find them interesting.

"The Bountiful Desert"

Desert Life



Desert Stream

Not a mural, but interesting nonetheless.

Photographed on July 27 and Aug. 30, 2020.

Click on any photo for a slide show of larger and sharper images.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Video: KGUN9 interviews Joe Pagac and Ignacio Garcia

KGUN9 TV starts their story Growing mural scene earns Tucson national reputation with a interesting video interview with Tucson muralists Joe Pagac and Ignacio Garcia.

The rest of the article says some things I don't agree with. For instance, it says Tucson has “a dozen artists credited with nearly 60 murals throughout the city.” We easily have more than 100 artists, and this blog has around 1,500 murals (though not all of them still exist). It mentions the City of Tucson's mural map, which shows 25 of those murals… this blog's mural map shows many hundreds.

It's great to spread the word about Tucson murals! I wrote to KGUN9 and suggested they check this blog to find more murals and muralists.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Sahuaro H. S.

Sahuaro High School students painted this one.  I wasn't able to find their names.  Nor was I able to find a title for the mural.  Sahuaro High is located at 545 N. Camino Seco.  The mural can only be seen from E. Vicksburg St. and it was photographed on May 1, 2020.

Complete Mural

Left Half

Right Half
Click on any photo for a slideshow of larger and sharper images.

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Your * Planet Next!!

David Aber spotted this amazing mural online and let me know. I'd been to Gospel Supplies, the store on Broadway… this mural turned out to be in the alley behind it. I stopped by on May 10th. What an obscure place for a great mural! Here are closeups, left to right:

Again, note that the mural isn't at the front of the address below (Gospel Supplies). It's in the alley behind:

Friday, September 04, 2020

Cuppa Coffee

Found at the "Barrista del Barrio" and photographed on April 15, 2020.

Painted by Alejandra Trujillo
Click on the photo for a larger and sharper image.

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Murals being made, part 54: Monster trucks! Close up!!

On January 7th, David Aber spotted a logo and two trucks on the west wall of TCR II Suspension Brake & Alignment:

Although it wasn't obvious when he took that photo, the mural wasn't finished. I drove by on May 10th as the sun rose over the building and saw that the artist had added a dune buggy and a background:

There was glare from the sun at the top of the first photo, so I decided to go back on August 14th to get a better photo… thinking that the mural was finished when I saw it in May. Oops again. The artist had filled in the background:

Is it finally finished?? I could go inside the store to ask, but I'd rather leave you in suspense. :) Stay tuned.