Friday, December 29, 2017

A kind Tucson tradition

I'd like to close 2017 with photos of special Tucson murals, “bells” awarded to especially kind Tucsonans — and more. You've probably heard of Ben's Bells. In case you haven't,or you'd like to know, the Ben's Bells home page tells their story. Or you can go straight to photos of their murals pages.

(The photo is from our April 28, 2014 entry Ben's Bells at Starr Center.)

A kind 2018 from The Tucson Murals Project!

Friday, December 22, 2017

More holiday food?!

If you haven't had enough holiday fare, how about donuts? :-P I just searched online with Bing for Amy's Donuts Tucson and found lots of rave reviews for a donut shop open 24/7, packed with people at 10 pm. 'Nuf said? (I'm not sure if they'll be open on Christmas, so you might want to stock up ahead of time…)

They also have a scrumptious mural on the east side of their (extremely-brightly decorated) building: donuts floating over Tucson. Let's chow down on the whole mural and two closeups:


Friday, December 15, 2017

Look out!

Back on May 15th, we showed a photo of a mural titled "Look out for each other". Since then, Kikie Wilkins has sent in a photo of another mural included on the right-hand (west) side of Rock Martinez’ mural:

I'm pretty sure the BMX rider, in front of the big letters PERAZA, is Kevin Peraza of Tucson. (I found that info online on the G-Form website.) He's doing some (to me, at least) pretty amazing riding — which led to my takeoff of Rock's mural title.

I stopped by on November 6th to get closer photos:

Friday, December 08, 2017

Mosaics on Oracle

I found both of these mosaics in the median on N. Oracle Rd. between W. Adams St. and W. Lee St.
The artist(s) will have to remain anonymous.

Click on either photo for larger and sharper images of both.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Kip's; no, Vip's; no, ??'s Big Boy on Steinfeld warehouse

When I saw Mark Fleming's emailed photo from May 27th, I recognized the iconic Vip's Big Boy restaurant statue with a hamburger on his upstretched arm. (Do you remember that?) Then I noticed Mark had named it Kip's. That led me to a Wikipedia article about a (formerly) big restaurant chain — well, multiple chains — in the section of a long article named Roster of named franchisees. (There's a lot more, like the way to make different burgers and how the statue evolved, which you can see by scrolling that page up.) But I digress… :)

The mural is pasted onto the wall. There were lots more (earlier) paste-ups at the end of our October 30, 2014 entry Steinfeld Warehouse revisited (and re-energized).