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Do you remember a mural in a particular place that you'd like to see on the blog? Want to take a tour of murals in an area of Tucson? Co-editor David Aber maintains a Google Map that shows every one of the roughly 1,000 murals on this blog. If a mural has changed over the years, you may find older versions too.

Let's start with a small version of the map. Below that are a link to the full-size versions and tips for using it:

To see the full-size version, click there or go to

Quick summary: Once you zoom in (use the + button) or drag your phone display larger, you can tap or click on one of the map pins. Then you'll see the mural address and (possibly after one more tap), you'll see the title of the blog entry and a link you can click/tap to see it all.

Below are details for computers and for phones. (Note: Google seems to change things often. If these details don't seem right, please post a comment below. You can stay anonymous if you'd like. And it would help us all to have more info than "it doesn't work." Thanks.)

Using the map on a computer

When you open the full-size map on a computer (not a phone; see directions for those below), you'll see a window with two halves. The left half is a list of mural addresses, and the right is a map with one pin for each address:

You can click on one of the addresses on the left side. (It can be fun to see a random mural!) But you probably want to pan and zoom the right-side map, then click on a pin. A white circle will appear around the pin you chose:

On the left side, you'll see the address at the top. At the bottom left is the blog entry's title and a link you can click to see the entry. If there's been more than one entry at the same address (for instance, a mural was replaced), there'll be more links here.

Using the map on a phone

After you've opened the full-size map, drag and zoom to find the mural you want.

Tap on the pin. It will turn white, and you'll see the mural address at the bottom of your screen:

Tap on the address at the bottom of the screen. An overlay will pop over the map with its address, the title of the blog entry, and one or more links you can click to see the mural(s)there.

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