Friday, March 29, 2019

Desert Scene in Barrio Viejo

On May 31, 2009, Jerry Peek posted a mural with the title: Many more murals, no more time...

On Jan. 15, 2019 I photographed a new mural on the same wall:
Desert Scene
Many artists were involved in this project.  Unfortunately, the names are mostly obscured by vegetation.  A fence prevented me from getting a closer look.  I'm guessing the artists were students from a nearby school.

Click on the photo for a larger and sharper image.

Friday, March 22, 2019

"Peace Garden"

Photographed on Dec. 27, 2018 at the Children's Peace Garden in the Manuel Herrera Jr. Park.  The balloon's gondola (next to "A" Mtn.) has the initials JRC which may refer to the artist.
"Peace Garden"
Left End
Right End
 Click on any photo for a slideshow of larger and sharper images.

Friday, March 15, 2019

"Sugar Hill"

Mural by Tucson Arts Brigade. Sponsored by the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.  The Sugar Hill neighborhood was one of the few places in Tucson where a black professional could buy a home between WWII and the passage of civil-rights legislation in the '60s.  Eventually, Sugar Hill was absorbed by the Northwest and El Cortez Heights neighborhoods.  A movement has begun to restore the name to the original neighborhood.  However, there is a debate whether the name honors the area or denigrates it.

I took these photos on 12/11/2018. Captions list artists' names from left to right.

The mural is viewed from N. 6th Ave.
Left Side: Teresa Diane Altamirano, Annalisa Loevenguth, David Tineo, Slov (Sabrina Vincent), Tanya Alvarez
Where's a chainsaw when you need it?
Right Side: Delbert Antone, Xaivier Ringer, Jessa Hudgens, Julian Argote, Caressa Wittwer

Complete Mural

 Click on any photo for a slideshow of larger and sharper images.

You can see a larger, sharper and scrollable image of the complete mural here:  Sugar Hill

Update from Jerry Peek (January 29, 2024): I've read (on the Facebook group Tucson Murals and Street Art) that Michael B. Schwartz led this project.

Friday, March 08, 2019


Photographed on 12/11/2018 at Rollies Mexican Patio.
Painted by Jonny Balesteros, aka Jonny Bubonik
Click on the photo for a larger and sharper image.

Update (November 8, 2020): The low wall to the left of the piñata has been painted with ¡Hecho en Tucson! (Made in Tucson!). The parking barriers and the sidewalk in front of the piñata are pink:

Friday, March 01, 2019

Murals being (un-)made, Part 30d

Remember that? It was the right end of the long-running mural — and, as it turns out, the long-running mural story that started back on November 9, 2015 with our blog entry Murals being made, part 30a.

Almost four years after I took the first photos showing artist Jason Cross, I drove along that familiar stretch of Alvernon and noticed that my right-side window seemed a lot less colorful. I went around the block and came back for a slower look. Yup, that was the same wall shape (with the unusual two-story-high right end), but it was a chocolate brown. So I came back another day to grab a photo from the median strip. (I walked across!)

I've met the homeowner before. I'm not sure there's a happy end to this story, but I'll try to go by sometime and ask. If it's printable :-/ you'll see an update below.