Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ooh... Ahh... More Oury Park

There may be no better visual treat in one location than in Tucson's Oury Park. From the Oury Park Recreation Center to the massive wall mural separating the park area from Interstate 10, it's a colorful treat and a place to picnic and play as well. Better yet, click on the map to the mural.

Oury Recreation Center is located at 600 St. Marys Road.
Title: Untitled
Artists: Antonio Pazos and Estevan Mireles with neighborhood youth.

Today's post The Amazing, Fantastical, Beautiful Oury Park Mural has more photos.

Update (October 13, 2014): The mural has been repainted, and we have eight new photos... as well as a few older photos. They're in today's entry, Oury Community Center repainted.

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