Monday, January 12, 2009

Mural Montage: A Tucson Favorite

While Truckin' Around.....
If you ever drive around the area of the University of Arizona, 
you'll eventually come across this mural.  
It's located at the southeast corner of

Photos Courtesy of Davis Dominguez Gallery

Update (May 14, 2012): Today's Arizona Daily Star article by Carol Ann Alaimo, Tucson Oddity: Mural recalls 4th Ave.'s quirky denizens, covers this 17-by-70-foot mural. Painted in 1996 by Eleanor Kohloss, it's titled “The Thinkers.” All characters have a thought bubble over their heads. (The dog, who's thinking of a steak dinner, is named Beano.) Some of the characters are Tucsonans, and others are fictional.


David Aber said...

Today's paper (July 11, 2016) reports that this mural has been heavily vandalized. Eleanor Kohloss (the artist) has erased graffiti in the past so, hopefully, she can do it again.

Jerry Peek said...

I just read on Facebook that Eleanor Kohloss has restored the mural!