Friday, March 05, 2010

A Prickly View

Catherine Devine, who signed her e-mail as "Bit Devine," is with Rincon Creek Studios. She e-mailed the Tucson Murals Project these photos of a Barrio Viejo mural. (There are others. Just search the blog.) Catherine wrote that this mural "is located on the barrier wall, on Sentinel just south of Granada." (Here's a Google Map of Sentinel & Granada.)

Update (February 12, 2015): This week we posted David Aber's photos from the same spot (the west end of little Mesa Street; you can click there for an updated Google Map). It turns out that there are two murals and that these photos show only parts of them. You can see the two complete murals in Mesa Street at I-10 #1 and Mesa Street at I-10 #2.

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