Monday, June 28, 2010

Mural streets in San Francisco

A year ago, while Randy was in Iraq, he posted photos of murals in Baghdad. Although this blog focuses on Tucson murals, I agree that it's good to have some variety once in a while!

I'm in the San Francisco area this summer. The City's Mission District is absolutely packed with murals... especially on the mural streets like Balmy:

Residents here contribute by, for instance, decorating their windows to fit with the murals on the walls outside.

(By the way, one great place to see more details of the Bay Area is Naomi Pitcairn's Citi Wallz. She's a website client of mine. Still, if you're into urban art, I think you'll agree that her photos are outstanding.)

Balmy Street drew a steady stream of tourists and local visitors while I was there. Tucson could do more of the same...

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