Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mary's street

Murals like these are the kind that keep me hunting for more. I found them at the end of May, just west of Country Club around a home at 2939 E. Monte Vista. The top one is titled Mary's Wonderfully Whimsical Ways:

The second mural also looks like something Mary painted, doesn't it? Some day I'll head back to the neighborhood to see if I can get the story. (If you know, please tell me...)

Update (December 24, 2012): Thanks to the comment that Mary's daughter Crystal left recently (see below), we've got the story of the bottom mural. The top mural of a woman with paintbrushes must be Mary herself! I've also posted more details today.


Crystal is a Rainbow said...

Hi there - Jerry? I presume?

I saw this in my search on Google:

and thought you might want to know the story!

My name is Crystal, I am Mary's eldest daughter. The little girl in pushing the kitty in the stroller is me. :) Then there's my brother, Chris (the video game nerd) My sister Colissa (hanging from the fence, my other sister Vanessa (laying in the grass) my other sister Rebecca (standing behind the wheelbarrow) of my other sister Alyssa, and then my baby sister Ashley - (the sitting blonde next to the stroller)

YES! That's 7 kids in all- and just 1 boy. lol. and while we are now all older (ages 31, 28, 25, 22, 21, 20 & 15) our mother Mary wanted to remember our youthful stages forever - in this mural. (i believe she completed back in 1999 or 2000.)

unfortunately, she's lost her home this month to foreclosure and no matter what she has tried, the banks aren't willing to work with her anymore. :(

but since you were asking for a story- i thought i'd give you one! thanks for honoring her in your blog. I'm sure she wills sooo appreciate it! :)


Jerry Peek said...

Thanks so much, Crystal! Now I realize that the woman with the paintbrushes in the first mural above is your mother Mary.

I took some more photos recently that I haven't posted here yet. I'll write another post today and include those photos.

How sad that your mother was evicted. I hope something can be done to get her back into her home -- or, at least, to save the murals. (If anyone reading this has ideas -- if you know the bank, a neighborhood association leader, or someone else -- maybe you could ask them to help preserve this treasure... and maybe even get Mary back in her home!)