Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Creative carport

On a sunny morning six months ago, July 30th, I took this photo of the end of the carport at 6912 E. Rosewood Street. (It shows a bit of the car in the carport, and I've edited the photo to brighten the shadows.) Normally I wouldn't walk onto someone's property to snap a photo, but the artist who painted the mural invited me. She painted it in 2003, though she's since moved away. Here's the story, from an email she wrote:

“The mural was designed and painted entirely by me. I got tired of driving up to an ugly brown wall every day, and decided to beautify it. I attended a mural painting class (offered by now defunct Pink Adobe Gallery) just a few weeks before I painted the mural. The class helped me refine my original ideas for the wall. I had no prior painting experience, and my original design was beyond my skills. I love telavera pottery, and Bird of Paradise is one of my favorite flowers, and voila. I had an idea. ... It was a delightful labor of love!”

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