Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Calle de Jardin revisited

Want to take a stroll after your Fourth of July cookout? One of the nicest short streets for murals is Calle de Jardin, just south of Broadway. You can see that street corner in our February 17, 2010 post.

Next south, at 125 S. Calle de Jardin, is a home with some painted plants and pots as well as some real ones:

A few steps farther, at 136 S. Calle de Jardin, another desert scene:

On the other side of the street, at 211 S. Calle de Jartin, is a nural on a wall next to the street:

And, at the corner of El Volador, a pleasant place to sit — in the middle of the intersection!

Here's a map centered at the corner with Cooper Street.

I took the photos on January 11.

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