Monday, February 17, 2014

Our 900th post: BICAS!

As their website says, “BICAS (Bicycle Inter-Community Art and Salvage) is a non-profit bike repair and recycling collective in Tucson, Arizona.” They do a lot of good for the community by helping people use bicycles.

BICAS is also full of art: murals and sculpture (and whatever else they dream up!). Some of the art there has likely changed since I took these photos on March 26, 2013, but they'll give you a good idea...

Click on any photo for a larger view.

The Tucson Murals Project has come a long way since Randy Garsee started the blog in 2006. We've had 900 posts since July 12, 2006, but a number of them (like this one) show more than 1 mural. So, I'm guessing we have over 1,000 murals online here. If you haven't taken a look back recently, check the Archives in the right-hand column of any page. And thanks for coming along!

Update (September 22, 2020): Sarah Herr emailed a photo she took September 20, a close-up of the mural in the first photo above from a different angle. Thank you, Sarah! Because people at Citizens Warehouse have been evicted due to the Downtown Links road project, I was glad to see that this mural is still there:

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