Thursday, November 06, 2014

Great mural at CostLess Auto Parts

A couple of months ago, Mark Fleming (thanks, Mark!) sent photos of a wall at CostLess Auto Parts. It has a new mural. (Here's the old one in 2010.) First, his overall view:

And details:

But there's more! We'll show it next time.


Sher Horosko said...

I photographed this mural yesterday It is beautiful and powerful. Who is the artist?

Sher at:

Jerry Peek said...

I don't think the mural was signed. But it looks to me like the work of Rock Martinez. His website is

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting i haven't had time to finish completely hopefully within this year. Rock/Cyfi

Jerry Peek said...

Hi, Rock/CyFi. There's a lot of your work on the blog -- probably, since you paint in so many styles -- more of it than I know. If you notice a photo of your work that doesn't mention your name, please add a comment! And if you've done some work in public (where people can see it without paying -- such as in a home or a restaurant) -- I'd be glad to put photos online.