Friday, September 18, 2015

More change (as usual) on Toole: #1 of 3

If there's one thing you can count on about the street art along Toole Avenue downtown, it's that the art is always changing. Another thing you could count on — until a month or two ago, anyway — is that the art was usually eclectic.

Let's start with the north side of the building at 191. For years, it had a mural of Tucson scenes: Train, trolley, and a three-eyed alien. This spring, most of the mural was whitewashed — except the edges of the right side (which you can see at the second photo in the post linked above). Three days ago, I photographed a new mural, wrapped by a bit of the old one, at the right side of the wall:

Not far from the mural is a new sign, dedicated on July 31st. It's by artist/supervisor Amy Novelli with metal fabrication and construction design by Jason LaFleur. There were also ten youth artists.

To the left of the sign are ten painted panels with new scenes. I'll show them next week.

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