Thursday, October 22, 2015

Slower posts for a while (but maybe not?)

I've been getting a welcome flow of murals, from a couple of contributors, that've let me add new entries to this blog twice a week: Mondays and Thursdays. But I'm running low enough on murals to post that I'm going to drop back to once a week for a little while… a short while, I hope!

(I'll also add news clips, etc. — like Tuesday's video and clip of Joe Pagac — when I find them.)

If you find a mural photo, I'd be glad to get it! You don't need to worry about making it technically perfect. Just tell me (approximately) where and when you took it. Old photos are welcome, too! The mural must be somewhere visible to the public (it can't be inside a home or in a restaurant you have to pay to get in). Just email me through the contact form and I'll send you back instructions for emailing it.)

Thanks, and please stay tuned!

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