Friday, March 11, 2016

Edge High School, part 1 of ??

This is the 1,111th entry on the Tucson Murals Project since Randy Garsee started this blog in 2006 — almost ten years ago. (To see older entries, click on one of the years in the Blog Archive at the right-hand side of this page.) I'm glad to have been able to help share some of Tucson's great art with you!

Here's a school with even more murals than our previous “muralific” school. There are so many murals around Edge High School that I'm not sure how long it will take to show you all of them. They're all thanks to (as one of the people I met in the school's office told me) a very talented art teacher and the wonderfully expressive students.

I was blown away by this great find as I tried to bicycle around the dead-end 1st Street just south of Speedway and east of Country Club on November 6, 2015. After I spotted the Ben's Bells mural on the east side of the school buildings…

…I rolled around the corner to see if there was more. Yes! Let's get started with the art I passed on the way into the school office (to ask permission to take photos). A tile-covered table out front:

(OK. That's not exactly a mural, but the rest are. Mostly. :) Like this:

Next, on the wall opposite the school's entrance, are side-by-side murals. (The sun shone into my phone's camera lens, so the photos have bright spots at the left edge.) First, the top mural:

And some detail from the bottom-right corner of the top mural:

More next time — in part 2 of who-knows-how-many?

Update (May 19, 2016): This series ended at part 10.

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