Wednesday, July 05, 2017

CyFi & Pagac paint underwater Bowie mural

Browsing Facebook on June 20th, I came across an incredible video by Seattle-based Ten Hundred Art. It shows Tucson muralist Joe Pagac and born-and-raised (former) Tucson muralist Rock "CyFi" Martinez painting a mural of David Bowie at the bottom of a swimming pool. As the video ends, the pool fills with water and the mural shows through. Amazing!

I'll try to get permission from Ten Hundred to link the video here. In case I can't contact them, though, you can find the video on their website. As of this writing, it's the fifth video on this web page:

On that page, the text under the video says:

Ten Hundred - Bowie Pool Mural

Making of the David Bowie swimming pool mural.

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