Friday, April 20, 2018


Taco Giro Mexican Grill & Seafood has four locations in Tucson.  There are several interior murals at the E. 22nd St. location.  Using the camera in my cell phone, I photographed two of them.

This is a stitch of two photos from Jan. 19, 2018

This photo is from Feb. 2, 2018
Emiliano Zapata, a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution. Assassinated April 10, 1919.
Click on either photo for a slideshow of larger and sharper images.
Here's a previous post of an exterior mural: On the menu at Taco Giro


Ahmaad Lomax said...

this blog is amazing! what inspires you to still search for all this new art? and how are you given tips to where pieces are? How are you able to find it ?

Jerry Peek said...

Thanks, Ahmaad. Both David and I have answered you by personal email. For everyone else, though, basically we just wander the streets and keep our eyes open. Some artists let us know ahead of time so we can do a "murals being made" article... or they'll tell us after they're done. But mostly we find them on our own.

David Aber said...

June 16, 2018
Taco Giro has remodeled its interior. The "Emiliano Zapata" mural and several others are now gone. Only the "Cockfight" mural remains.