Friday, August 17, 2018

Near Mercado San Agustín

I hope you've already seen Cyfi's huge Frida Kahlo / Diego Rivera mural near Mercado San Agustín. If you haven't, you can click on that link to see it being painted and read some of the story behind it — which reaches a famous mural in Mexico City.

Close by, on Avenida del Sembrador, are two more murals. Or maybe there are more by the time you read this? (To find the street, you can click on its name at the end of this article.) I took the photos below on April 26th. The first, on the side of number 160, is by Nicola Marshall. It's signed Nicola Marshall - 2018 along the right edge:

The second mural is another by Cyfi (Rock Martinez) near the roof of number 184. It's signed at the top Cyfione 18:

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