Friday, October 05, 2018

Aztec Symbols

Behind the wall here on this South Tucson building used to be a barbershop, and the wall had a remembrance mural For Gabriel Rene Cruz. (If you'd like to see it, click there.) Sometime in the next few years, the mural disappeared. Now this is the south wall of Cicli Noe, a bicycle repair shop on S. 6th Ave. (The north wall has two murals that are in the Murals Project at "Look out for each other" and Look out!)

This mural appears to be Aztec symbols. I believe the leftmost image is a "Coatl" (serpent). I don't know what the other image might be. Photo taken on Sept. 25:

Any comments or additional info. is appreciated.

Update: The cactus mandala was painted by Zina Rubiner and the Aztec dragon was painted by Raul Rivas. Jerry Peek took closeup photos on July 23, 2021:

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