Friday, November 23, 2018

Hotel McCoy - Front Entrance

The new owner has refurbished a mid-century building and rebranded it as a modern art hotel where contemporary meets retro.  "From the fully restored pool & cedar-lined sauna to the A-shaped entrance & exposed posts & beams, it’s the best of both worlds."  As you will see now and in future installments, the hotel is full of art.  And it's all by local artists.  Let's begin:
 View to the north from W. Silverlake Rd.
That's a vintage(1966?) T-Bird in front.
A-Shaped Entrance Below "A" Mountain

Mural on the west side of the entrance.
"The Life In Tucson" by Daniela Umaña Vélez

Portrait of Serenity Wetherbee, also on the west side of the entrance.
"Serenity" by Jessica Gonzales

On the east side of the entrance is a circle of geometric shapes that symbolize unity and harmony.   It's called a Mándala.
"Mándala" by Daniela Umaña Vélez

Entrance to the lobby within the A-shaped main entrance.
"Tucson Toonland" by Alex Jimenez

Across from the lobby, also within the main entrance.
"Tucson Toonland" by Alex Jimenez

Click on any photo for a slideshow of larger and sharper images.

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