Friday, September 27, 2019

Train Engineer and Onlooker

I've taken two photos of this mural almost 5 years apart. The original artist was Joe Pagac who told Jerry Peek that "It was tagged and then a very talented young artist who goes by Rose Kaiotii did the updated repaint." You can find it at the SW intersection of E. Alameda St., N. 6th Ave. and E. Toole Ave.
Photographed 09/21/2014
Painted by Joe Pagac

 Photographed 05/29/2019
Updated repaint by Rose Kaiotii
The face and clothing of the onlooker have changed dramatically.  Here are the before and after photos:
Although not a self-portrait, the clothing and tattoos on the right appear to be the same as those worn by the artist.

Click on any photo for larger and sharper images.

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