Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Murals being made, part 58: Arizona Arts Live

What you knew as UA Presents, the University of Arizona's performing arts presenter, now has a new name: Arizona Arts Live. During the first part of November, 2020, Mel "Melo" Dominguez painted a mural on the south wall of the Wheels & More location on 12th Avenue just north of Irvington. These first two photos came from Facebook:
I stopped by on November 8 to say hi and snap more photos of the mural in progress. It's next to a popular Sonoran Hot Dog spot with a full parking lot:
On November 9th, I stopped by while they weren't painting (Mel/Melo prefers “they” and “them”):
On November 18th, the mural looked finished:
It's a fun combination of modern and ancient:
The Olmec were an early people who lived in what's now southern Mexico. And llanta is the Spanish word for tire — a nod to Wheels & More, which is hosting the mural.

Long-time contributor Mark Fleming stopped by the mural on December 27th. The mural had two finishing touches since my last visit — near the bottom left and bottom right corners:
Mark also took other close-ups:
Thanks much, Mark!

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