Tuesday, February 09, 2021

House of Neighborly Service: extreme makeover :)

It was almost ten years ago, in 2012, that I visited the House of Neighborly Service. The blog entry House of Neighborly Service, front gate shows a mural near the street and has links to other murals.

I went back 0n November 8, 2020. The place was locked up — for the pandemic, I guess. So I took a few photos, then returned the next day with a zoom lens that let me get closeups from outside the perimeter. Here are the November 8th photos:
On the east wall, outside of the patio:
On the south wall of the patio:
The west wall of the patio:
Two murals, next to each other, on the west wall next to the street:
Next, November 9 — starting with a mural near an entrance and the artists' signatures. There's only a faint outline of the “Martinez” after “Isaac”; I don't know what that's about:
A mural along the west wall of the patio, starting from the entrance above:
Last, the murals on the south wall of the patio:

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