Thursday, July 15, 2021

Email subscribers, **please read now** - New way to follow this blog by email

If you've signed up to get email notifications of each new post (entry) in this blog, please read this.

Google (actually, Feedburner) is discontinuing the "Follow by email" box that's at the right edge of every page. It's in the first red box below:
If you've filled in that box before, and you'd like to continue getting email notices, please use the "Contact Us" form shown in the second red box above. Tell us that you'd like to keep getting email. I'll collect your names and email addresses, then contact you soon. (I've set up a list on Mailchimp to send you notices.) Your name is optional.

If you haven't subscribed but want to, please watch the blog for an announcement of how to do that. Or, here are two other ways to follow the blog:
  • If you're on Twitter, you can follow @TucsonArt for a tweet about each new blog post. There are also tweets about Tucson art events and artists.
  • On Facebook, The New Tucson Murals Project Page has one post each month with a link to the previous month's murals. (This may not continue to work after the end of 2021.)
Thanks for reading this blog!

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