Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Dia de los Muertos on the UA Mall

I saw a video on Instagram of this very temporary mural being made, so I drove over near sunrise the next day (October 21st). Because it was on the ground, it was hard to get a photo that showed the whole thing. This is the best I could do:
Luckily, mural photographer extraordinaire BG Boyd got last-minute permission to fly his drone overhead the next day, just after sunrise:
Thanks as always, BG!

Update (October 27, 2021): BG Boyd sent information about this style of floral mural (below). I found examples by searching online for Alfombristas Mexicanos (click there to run a search with DuckDuckGo, which is much more private than Google). The page alfombristasmexicanos.org has lots of photos. Here's what BG sent:

Alfombrismo (flower art carpet) is a collective cultural expression of ephemeral art originating in the community of Huamantla, Tlaxcala, Mexico. This art expression arises from the pre-Hispanic worldview of offering to nature and the close relationship with the Matlalcuéyetl mountain from whom the community obtains resources to survive. After the process of miscegenation, veneration and gratitude are directed to the Christian divinity that they identify with the benefits of the Matlalcuéyetl as The Virgin Mary who assumes the generosity of nature and mercy for those who need it most, for which she is named Virgin of Charity.

Alfombristas Mexicanos (Mexican Carpet Makers) is a civil and collective group based on the carpets of Huamantla. This group develops cultural projects, to develop collective spaces as possibilities of coexistence, exchange, appreciation, and imagination.

Alfombristas Mexicanos develops carpeting projects as an inclusive cultural expression in which diverse individuals can contribute and be integrated from the creative process to the artistic culmination of the work. This artistic expression is a current dynamic in a constant transformation and innovation that adapts the form and resources from a local community which is giving time, materials and contributes to a visible purpose to a transcendental expression.

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