Friday, September 16, 2022

Yoeme Unidos

"The Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area is proud to commission another heritage mural that focuses on empowering indigenous youth to take the expressive traditions passed down from their communities and their own artistic style to paint their understanding of traditional stories, cultural figures and epic histories in a collaborative mural."

Two professional muralists worked with seven Pascua Yaqui youth to paint this mural.  The names of the seven are: Jennay, Erik, Juliette, Raul, Santi, Johnny and Elijah.

The professional muralists are Ignacio Garcia and Anitra "Yukue" Molina

Click for a larger image.

The mural is on the west wall of the Sonoran Stitch Factory located on W. Rillito St.  The mural is seen from N. 15th Ave.  A previous mural appeared on this wall on 10/19/2015 as Near Richey Elementary.

To further explain; the Yoeme are originally from Sonora Mexico around the Yaqui River.  They are more commonly known in the U.S. as the Pascua Yaqui. The Yoeme are the only Native American tribe that has never officially surrendered to either the Spanish colonial forces, the Mexican government, or the United States. 

Several updates from Jerry Peek: I made a note about a post and video I saw on Facebook July 1st showing the mural in progress and finished. (The unveiling was June 26th.)

Here's a clickable link to open the Facebook video page in a separate window:

The original video is by BG Boyd Photography. You don't need Facebook to see it:

There's more information about the mural and the two professional muralists on this page, Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Murals:

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