Friday, December 02, 2022

"I am Tucson" mural in its first home (Murals being made, part 73)

Our November 29 post I AM a re-born TUCSON mural showed this Ben's Bells mural…
…in its new location at the Tucson Convention Center. The photo above was taken in the mural's original location, northwest of the corner of Broadway & Stone — likely on January 25, 2014. Thanks to Ben's Bells for that photo.

Before and after original mural was made

Courtesy of Google Street View, we can rewind to March 2011, from the northeast (Stone south of Congress), before the mural was started:

Below is the same view in July 2013. Although the color is washed out, you can see the mural on the sunlit side of the structure:

That structure (a ventilation tower for the parking garage underneath, I believe) had Ben's Bells murals on three sides. Below is a view from the southeast (Broadway at Stone) in May 2015:

This blog has photos of the other two Ben's Bells murals on the structure in Murals being made, part 8 (Kindness, part 3) and Ride on, Tucson.

Original mural being made

Now on to 2012, when the “I am Tucson” mural was being made. Thanks much to Monique from Ben's Bells for collecting and sending the historical photos below. The dates came from data hidden in the photo (which can be wrong if the camera's clock wasn't set correctly).

On August 22, 2012, the mural had been outlined onto the refinished side of the structure:
On August 24, 2012, the mural was starting to take shape at 8:05 AM:
Later on August 24, at 6:58 PM, the crew had done a lot…
… but there was more to do, like the rays of sun near the top left:
Here's the finished mural again:

Goodbye to the original mural

I dialed Google Street View back to June 2018. It shows the plaza with the murals. Street View also showed that, in April 2019, the new building which would replace the plaza was taking shape. The photo below shows the scene sometime between those two dates. It's looking south from near Congress toward Broadway; Stone is at the left edge. I've outlined the structure, with at least one of the murals still on it:

In its new home

As we showed last week in the post I AM a re-born TUCSON mural, this is the mural in its new home at Tucson Convention Center:

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