Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Adios, Carniceria Don Juan II

On December 27, 2023, I noticed that the former Carniceria La Noria had become Carniceria Don Juan II. (A carniceria is a meat market. It often also has a restaurant inside.) I took the photos below.

Back on June 18, 2012, we showed a mural on Carneceria La Noria: Frida by Enuf.

This Google Maps Street View shows the front of Carniceria Don Juan II in January 2022, as it was about to open:

Carniceria Don Juan II had a new mural on its west side. I think that the man on the right is Don Juan (Don is a term of respect for a man) and the banner about tortillas for sale hides the business name:
A closeup, including a recipe for caldo de queso:
And the artist's signature… I'm guessing that 23 means 2023:
The Carniceria Don Juan Facebook page shows that as of February 5, 2024 the location is closed (negocio cerrado). I believe the origial location on 1924 S. 4th Avenue is still open; our September 20, 2019 post Tortilleria Don Juan shows one of the murals on front and has a link to a photo of another mural.

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