Monday, May 12, 2008

Out of This World

Explore an otherworldly mural on the wall of the
University of Arizona's
Phoenix Mars Mission Science Operations Center in Tucson.
Here's an article from the UA about the mural
as it was being painted.
It's located on the corner of 6th Avenue and Drachman. The address is 1415 N. 6th Ave.

Hmm.. Date's not right on pic above. It was actually snapped by my daughter, Isabelle, in March, 2008. (The staring goofball on the sidewalk is me). Crazy Cameras. Funny story though: Isabelle told me about this mural, but didn't know where it was. So we were driving around, looking for murals, and I turned at 6th & Drachman. Bam! Nearly ran right into Mars!

Update (October 1, 2014): Here's an article from the Tucson Citizen archive from December 16, 2006: UA’s Mars mural will be city’s largest.

Update (January 29, 2015): There's a new space mural around the corner.

Update (June 19, 2022): We've added an aerial view of this mural to the entry for the new space mural (click above).

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