Friday, May 02, 2008

El Rio by Tineo

"These pictures were taken at the El Rio Neighborhood Center located at 1390 W Speedway.
Warren V."

And as you'll be able to see from Warren's pictures is the signature of the amazing muralist and artist David Tineo. Tineo suffers from macular degeneration, but his vision of art will always stay with Southern Arizona... and the Tucson Murals Project.

(Update by Jerry Peek: An Arizona Daily Star article on December 3, 2005, Opinion by Ernesto Portillo Jr.: World darkens for muralist says that Tineo painted his first mural in 1975, two years out of high school, here at the El Rio Neighborhood Center. In 2005, at 50 years old, David Tineo was losing his eyesight.

In another article, on January 22, 2006, As the light fades, Tom Beal wrote that Tineo started the El Rio murals in 1974 and restored them in the spring of 2005. He was losing his vision and "found himself losing balance atop the scaffold. He had to abandon the job and give up teaching at Pima Community College."

To find more about David Tineo and his murals, type his name into the search box near the top right corner of this blog.)

Update (January 23, 2012): There are more photos on the post El Rio revisited.

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