Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rialto Theatre backstage door

Outside the Rialto Theatre
Contributed by Davis Dominguez Gallery

The mural is at the southeast corner of the building, 318 E. Congress.

Update (August 2, 2012): Here's a closeup of the sign to the right of the mural. I photographed it on April 4, 2012; the edges are curled and the bottom-right corner is missing. I edited the photo to make the words easier to read. You can click on the sign for a larger view — or, here's an even larger view. It's from muralist Salvador Duran.

Update (June 26, 2024): Today's post Rialto Theatre new & old, part 2 of 2 has detailed photos of this mural — and two others nearby, also by Salvador Duran.

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