Friday, February 19, 2010

New mural, same lot

Back in August, 2006, Randy posted the story of a mural behind an ugly lot just north of the corner of Speedway and Stone (1122 N. Stone).

Today there's a new mural, but the lot is still ugly:

The mural was painted by Rock Martinez.

Update (May 1, 2010): Here's the same mural at night.

Here's a Tucson Citizen article (December 3, 2009) about the mural: AWESOME Dia De Los Muertos Mural completed on Stone/Speedway!

Update (December 26, 2010): Rock is the owner of the new Art Terrain Art Gallery at 519 N. 4th Avenue.

Update (February 8, 2011): You can read and watch an Arizona Public Media interview with Rock Martinez that also covers Tucson's graffiti problem.

Update (January 1, 2015): Here's the new mural, painted a year ago or so.

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Dave Green said...

The cat toward the bottom right was painted by Ruth Marblestone in memory of her cat.