Sunday, February 20, 2011

In case you blinked...

...along I-10 at the Miracle Mile exit, here are the three tile murals you would have seen on each side of the freeway. They're all signed Mackender 1994 / Tile by Artistic Tile, but I thought they were added during the recent freeway widening project? Anyway, they're worth a closer look. (To zoom in on a photo, click on it. Come back with your browser's "back" button.)

First, the three murals on the westbound side, from south to north:

Next, the eastbound side, from north to south:

Those are lamps and desert plants at the edges of most photos.


Warren said...

those are really good pictures, especially given where they are located. I'm curious how you shot them.

Jerry Peek said...

Thanks, Warren. I rode my bicycle along the east side frontage road and pulled off near Miracle Mile. There's lots of room between the freeway and frontage road; it's easy to walk. From there, I used a zoom lens to shoot the murals on the opposite side.

I used the great free photo editor GIMP to fix tilted edges (the Perspective tool) and color (adjust red, green, and blue) with the Curves tool). There's an example of the color trick in step 5 of Handling "rough" images.

Warren said...

thanks Jerry, yep everytime I've driven by those on the highway I've thought 1) how cool those mosaics are, and 2) how difficult it would be to get good pictures of them from the highway. You accomplished that nicely with your shots!