Monday, April 11, 2011

Murals being made, part 4

On January 6th, after driving under the railroad crossing over Stone Avenue, just north of downtown, I turned right on 6th and saw an artist painting a mural a block east:

I pulled over, of course. :) The muralist was Andy Steinbrink, and he was creating a new mural on the wall outside of The HangArt Space (512 N. Echols Avenue). I'd never heard of that venue, but I found more on their home page.

A few weeks later, Andy sent me a link to photos of some of his murals. Please check out his page... and click on the image next to the title "Murals" to see more of his work.

Here's the HangArt mural six weeks later, on February 20:

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Anonymous said...

there were two artists actually.. the other is Nicholas Shelton