Monday, April 04, 2011

Murals being made, part 2

Tucson muralist David Tineo has been struggling with macular degeneration, which led him to decide to stop painting murals. (You can read more in our May 2, 2008 post El Rio by Tineo.) So I was surprised when an artist I know, K. Loren Dawn, told me that she was contributing to a neighborhood mural project led by David Tineo! She wrote:
Several panels will be linked together to create the final mural. It will be installed sometime in May along Mountain Ave. with a dedication event. The theme is "Changing Hearts and Minds". It was done in conjunction with CODAC and the Hedrick Acres neighborhood.
She sent these photos. The first is of David and other artists working, and the second shows one of the panels:

Thanks, Loren!

UPDATE (July 9, 2011): The frame for the mural is being installed. (No mural yet.)

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