Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BJ's exposé

So far, I think, all of the murals we've posted here have been one-of-a-kind, designed and created for the spot. That's not true of all the murals in town, though. If I'd stood closer to the two handsome murals on the BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse location at 5510 East Broadway last month, maybe I'd have noticed.

But wait: is this supposed to be an exposé or a confession? Right. Here's the north side of BJ's location at 4270 N. Oracle this past weekend:

Looks identical to me — right down to the Mondrian-style lines and color blocks. Hey, BJ's, can't you afford to hire a muralist to make an original? (Maybe I should ask them before I accuse them. Hmmm. But hey, this is an exposé. :)

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