Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wildcat School from Warren V.

Warren V has been sending us great mural photos for several years now. Here are the latest. He writes:

“...a really nice sonoran desert themed mural in the alley west of the Wildcat Charter School, facing and visible from Stone (corner of Stone & Drachman). The wildcat logo mural is on the E. Adams street side of the school.”

Thanks, as always, Warren.

Update: On 06 May 2014, the Tucson Daily Photo blog showed photos of the mural behind fencing. The Wildcat School is closing.

Update (January 23, 2016): David Aber sent a new photo (below) and wrote: “Here’s what the mural looks like with the fence down. The best view is behind the Eegees at Stone and Drachman.”

(As always, you can click for a larger view.)

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David Aber said...

The Wildcat School is now the Pepe Barron Academy and the fence is down.