Thursday, January 12, 2012

Peppi's House

At the northwest corner of the main TMC (Tucson Medical Center) campus is the hospice named Peppi's House. One outside wall on the east is covered with a tile mural:

Here's a closeup:

That east-side mural is from Santa Theresa Tile Works. On the north side, near the main entrance, are two murals with quotations, names of donors, "Peppi's House dedicated May 22, 2007" and "Artwork created by Nina Borgia-Aberle © 2007:

I took the photos on June 23, 2011. (As always, you can click on a photo for a larger view.)

Update (April 26, 2021): The bottom of the mural has been updated sometime since I took these photos. Today's entry has a recent photo and information about the mural.

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