Friday, May 25, 2012

Around the corner -- five years later

My first mural photo was published on the Tucson Murals Project May 25, 2007. The rest is history :).

What’s the saying — we should learn from history? I've seen hundreds of murals since then, and I've learned to check the other sides of a wall with murals to see if there might be more. I was reminded of that earlier this year as I rode past the first mural, from five years ago, on January 27th. When I looked around the corner...

This mural was on the side of the wall facing the front yard at 2308 E. Warwick Vista. I asked a woman there if she knew the story of the mural; she didn't. Maybe she was a visitor? I decided to chalk it up to experience and hope we'd find out later whether this mural was related to the one around the corner.

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