Friday, December 20, 2013

Goodbye, Utterback murals...

Thanks to a tweet from ‏@TucsonWeekly about its article Is An Arts Magnet School Still An Arts Magnet Without Its Trademark Murals?, I did some searching for news about the murals at Utterback Magnet Middle School. That Weekly article — which has a few mural photos — was all the news I found.

A Google Image Search for utterback middle school mural brought up some more photos — including the one I posted here on September 27, 2010:

There's a copy of the letter about the murals on the Utterback website.

Classes are out for the holiday break, but I'll try to find photos and post them here! If you have any photos — or any leads — please let me know.

PS: I've been super-busy these past few months. There just hasn't been time to post many mural photos. I'm hoping to break away a day, soon, to post a lot of the backlog of photos. Please check back!

Update (December 20, 2013): I just called the school to ask if I could take photos of the murals before they're gone. After checking around, the person I spoke with said that wouldn't be possible. She did say that a slideshow would (eventually) be posted on the school's website. (There's a link above.) Sigh...

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