Monday, March 09, 2015


On January 22nd, we showed a bunch of David Aber's photos of Una cuadra llena de arte (an art-filled block) in South Tucson: the 3600 block of South 7th Avenue. But Dave sent more photos! He wrote:
On Jan. 22, photos were posted to the Murals Project from the 3600 block of S. Seventh Ave. All of these photos were in front, or to the side, of 3649 S. Seventh Ave. This is the headquarters of Tierra Y Libertad Organization (TYLO). Note that the acronym TYLO is embedded in each of the two main murals. Here is a link for further info:

In the alley behind TYLO there is a block wall that begins at TYLO and runs north to W. Veterans Blvd., a distance of 175 paces and at least 350 ft. It is filled with art.

I believe that all of the art in the alley is connected with TYLO in one way or another. I have no proof other than the acronym TYLO appears on the wall twice. Also, I consider the art to be one continuous mural. There’s no question that multiple artists worked on the project or that there are multiple themes. However, there was little or no attempt to distinguish where one artist’s work ends and another begins.
With thanks to Dave's explanation of these 17 photos, here's the TYLO alley!

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