Monday, March 02, 2015

Our 1,000th post: Jos at Park Place mall

Eight and a half years have gone by since our first entry on The Tucson Murals Project — July 12, 2006. Randy Garsee, the longtime Tucson TV news anchor who founded this blog, wanted to spread the news about Tucson's murals. Now, you'll find one thousand entries here — and more than 1,000 murals, since some entries show more than one mural. There are plenty more to come!

In post #1000, we'll take a look at spectacular murals by one of Tucson's most prolific muralists, Jos Villabrille. He painted three-dimensional Sonoran Desert scenes — most of them two-sided — at the ends of Park Place mall concourses. Let's start with the southeast entrance, near unit 270:

Looking up from underneath shows how three-dimensional these murals are. See the prickly pear blossoms and the hummingbird's wing?

Next, the west end: first, entering Macy's and next, leaving it:

On to the south center, entering the food court:

And, last, the east end: entering Sears and leaving it:

I took the photo tour on February 5th. Next time, we'll start our second thousand entries!

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Hanne Owens said...

Jerry, "beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder." The murals in these photos are absolutely beautiful to anybody's eye. Very nice choices for your 1,000 posting.