Monday, June 29, 2015

At Valencia Library

Last time, we published David Aber's photo of a building along Old Nogales Highway. Not as far south — just as South 6th Avenue becomes Nogales Highway (as Google Maps calls it), and a bit west — is the Pima County Library with a series of murals by young artists:

He noted that each of the sections has the signatures of the young artists. The last photo above shows that the mural was painted 8/13/93. It also lists the organizations that were involved in the project:

Though his name doesn't seem to be on the mural, the style reminds me a lot of David Tineo. He's worked with young artists on a number of murals around town… for instance, another long mural at Davis Bilingual Elementary.

There's also a mosaic mural, with text in English and Spanish, and benches in front:

At the bottom center are the names of organizations who supported the mural. The style of the mural reminds me of Santa Theresa Tile Works, though I couldn't find their name.

Here are close-ups of the Spanish and English text (cropped from the photo above). They're beautiful and worth reading, I think.(You can click on them for larger views.)

Much appreciated, David!

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