Thursday, June 11, 2015


(OK, so “mural-ific” isn't a word. Whatever. :) David Aber spotted a very long mural behind the PPEP Tech High School. He wrote: “The first half of the mural is behind the school’s parking lot and easy to photograph:”

(You can click on that photo for a much larger view.)

“A jog in the wall is hiding an interesting section. Therefore I have split it into two photos:”

“The second half of the mural is directly behind the school and access is blocked by a fence... There's not much I can do about that part of the mural behind the fence. When school resumes in the Fall it shouldn’t be too hard to get the necessary permission:”

What a fabulous mural! Thank you, David.

Update (December 29, 2015): David sent closeup photos of that second half of the mural.

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